October 9, 2012
"How can we best prepare for change? My advice based on the experience that I have accumulated over the years: decide what isn’t going to change, especially in three key domains: principles, purpose and people."

The Paradox of Preparing for Change is a lovely, personal piece by Deloitte Center for Edge Innovation co-chairman, John Hagel, who goes on to outline the three questions we all need to ask ourselves as change roils around us:

  1. What principles or values will I hold constant? 
  2. What purpose or direction will I hold constant? (or why am I here and where do I want to contribute?)
  3. Who are the people that I’m going to take on the journey and who I am going to stay with, no matter what?
Smart reminders that we should all hold dear.
(Story via Umair Haque.)

July 12, 2011
"What would it mean to design the systems we work in to continually evolve our ability to experience more and more flow, especially the flow of people and ideas?"

John Hagel and John Seely Brown tackle the issue of the design—in the broadest sense of the term—of the workplace in The New Office on The Economist. Smart stuff.

(Story via Irene Au.)