October 28, 2011

Design With the Other 90%: Cities has opened at the United Nations, and NYT’s new architecture critic, Michael Kimmelman, declared it a hit. In Rescued By Design, he goes through a number of the socially minded projects on display and writes approvingly of a design movement he describes as looking to provide “economical, smart solutions to address the problems of the world’s poorest people.” Included in his review, a project to clean up the Bang Bua Canal in Bangkok, where thousands of families had lived in stilt houses above polluted flood water. Architects redesigned the community (see the before and after pictures, above.) Given the floods that are devastating Thailand and, particularly, Bangkok, it’d be interesting to know how this project is currently faring… Thoughts are with all the residents of the region.

[Photos (c) ACHR. Design With The Other 90%: Cities runs at the United Nations in New York through January 9, 2012.]

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